Friday, November 3, 2017

Inching Our Way Through "The Very Hungry Caterpillar"

This past week in Miss Emily’s class we went all in with “The Very Hungry Caterpillar.” Students always seem to LOVE this book, but then again so do I. Our mutual and unanimous excitement about this week’s curriculum, based on this distinguished children’s book (Thank you to author and illustrator, Eric Carle) made for a GREAT week!! 

            The book follows our tiny hungry caterpillar friend from his hatching, through his voracious and seemingly insatiable appetite, to his not so tiny cocoon days… and finally his transformation into a “beautiful butterfly!”  I entirely enjoyed this week’s group times, in large part due to the fun interactive reading times we had, something about “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” captivated your kiddos in a very engaging and fun way. They could probably tell you the story all on their own by now!

            We paired our group tie and reading with some fun activities relating to our book. We made a big caterpillar collaboratively (he can be observed on one of our classroom walls.) We then, made tiny clay caterpillars of our own. I love clay activities for this age student; it provides great fine motor practice. Students get to work on their hand muscles and motor skill by molding the clay into their desired caterpillar shape. We watercolored coffee filters and before we knew it, they had turned into beautiful, colorful BUTTERFLIES of our own. Finally, we replicated an image of the caterpillar from our book with dot paints, this may have been my favorite activity because all of the caterpillars came out looking so different! Students were also, VERY proud of their work, which always feels like the important take-away to me.

            It was a happy week, everyone is gaining so many more words and growing a ton! I can’t believe it is already November!

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Let's Get Caught Up!

Let me begin with an apology for the backlogging in my in my blog posts! Here we go though, let me get you all caught up on what we have been up to lately! It has been a fun, full and busy few weeks in our class.
            I am sure you have all become acquainted with Miss Lauren by now; we are so excited and thankful to welcome her to the toddler center and our class this fall! She has picked up on our routine so quickly and become such an asset and partner in our classroom J. For those who have children in extended day, she will be on the playground in the afternoon, I am often here doing prep, etc until late in the day so don’t hesitate to track me down if you have any questions.
            As many of you know, a few weeks ago, we jumped into a new book after spending a good chunk of time on Dinosaurs! “This is Not My Hat” by Jon Klassen is one of my favorite books that we have in our curriculum at the Trinity Toddler Center. Klassen’s storytelling style leaves lots of space for interpretation and reading between the lines, which can be fun, interesting and sometimes even confusing with younger students! There was big fish, little fish, and a stolen hat! The story leaves space at the end for students to theorize about the whereabouts of the little fish, I enjoyed spending time in this book with your kiddos, and hearing about their thoughts and guesses. Our classroom walls have acquired our own collaborative version of these fish; we have been doing quite a bit of painting lately (which your laundry machine may have noticed).
            We celebrated fall last week with some pumpkin decorating (more painting and glitter), as well as some apple stamping! We had a great time working on our fall projects as well as starting “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” by Eric Carle. It was also so fun to celebrate falls with many of you last Friday at the Fall Carnival! We loved the costumes and play that happened, so thank you for joining us! We have been learning about Noah and his great friendship with God during bible, this week we are moving on to Genesis 11 and the Tower of Babel.

We are going to spend more time with “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” this week. That should get us up speed, thank you for tuning in for a read!


Friday, September 29, 2017

Let us Hear YOUR Dinosaur Roar

            This week in Miss Emily’s class, we read “Dinosaur Roar” by Paul and Henrietta Stickland. As a group we enjoyed this book’s creative images and illustrations. The rhythmic, rhyming text made for an engaging, fun collaborative and interactive group reading experience. The book presents a diverse variety of dinosaurs; some are grumpy, while some are happy, we met some dinosaurs in the book that were so small, while some were huge! We devoted some time to practicing our dinosaur roar, because how could we not with this book! I love dinosaurs and I loved how much fun our class had with them this week.

            We paired this dinosaur reading and group time with hard work on the creation of our own dinosaur tails and triceratops hats! We painted, drew, glittered and glued, which I’m sure you noticed on limbs or clothes.

   I am thankful for all of your kiddos and the unique contribution their distinct personalities bring to our class. If you have a family photo that you would like to contribute to our “with my family…” wall, we would welcome it! A few weeks into school we are all getting better with the routine and your students are thriving in their social learning, friendships and learning!