Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Persistent Innovators and Creators; also DINOS of course

Last week in Miss Emily’s class, we finally waved ‘good bye’ to our friend Max and his Wild Things…at least for now! We are feeling excited—as we have now, jumped into a whole new heap of things! Our new book is titled “Rosie Revere, Engineer” this book is by Andrea Beaty, with illustrations by David Roberts. Additionally, your children have been tracking some paint, and glitter through the door or into your sink with them, for this I would like to offer a THANK YOU! For your tolerance and patience as we work hard on our ART SHOW projects! Your whole family is invited to our Trinity Preschool Art Show, for a viewing and very pleased/proud ;) showing of what we have been creating on our own, and together! This event will be March 22nd, from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PMt Pure Order Brewery located in Downtown Santa Barbara. 

We are thankful for Rosie, because she is a character who serves to demonstrate for our students, inventing, imagining and creating. She is brave, and tries new things. However, we also learn from this book, the power that our actions and words have over others… 

When Rosie’s inventive creations are mocked and laughed at, she gets discouraged and considers giving up what she loves, inventing! Rosie’s aunt Rose, serves as an encouragement and inspiration to work hard, keep trying and persevere. She tells Rosie, “your brilliant first flop is a raging success!” Rosie learns the power and value of failure in the learning process. I think this is the most valuable thing that our class seems to be taking from this book so far. She has come up over and over during our school days, as we watch and TRY so many things ourselves. We have been relating to Rosie SO INCREDIBLY MUCH in our toddler center class! Students are using the lesson from Andrea Beaty’s story and character to practice learning from mistakes, staying focused when we want to say “Can’t” and even encouraging each other’s efforts! I am so proud of their application from this book.
Oh, and it comes with some pretty cool activities and art projects. You may have heard about both, our airplanes and our parachutes! We have been hard at work on these “Rosie inspired” projects alongside our art show efforts. We as a class have loved taking time to Thank Beaty and Roberts for this book each day at our Group times; Which seems only appropriate, given the extent to which we have been taking it along with us, ALL OVER and throughout our preschool experience. 

Well wishing, and keep reading below for Miss Lauren's blog update!
Miss Em

Welcome back to the blog! This week in Ms. Lauren’s class we continued “Dinosaur Roar.” The kiddos have enjoyed it so much that I thought why not continue it for a few more days. I mentioned in the last blog of the kids playing in a sensory tub with shaving cream and paint but I forgot to post pictures so I will post them here.

We, then, continued in the dinosaur era and started “Colorasaurus” by Megan E. Bryant. It introduces basic colors and practices observational skills. The youngsters have enjoyed pointing out different colors throughout the classroom and within the book. Activities for this included playing in a sensory tub with yellow sand and “sticky black tar” with dinosaurs (just like in the story) and using watercolor to reveal a picture of a dinosaur. I would say it was a busy and fun-filled week for us all!
Also, I can’t wait for you all to see their art projects for the art show coming up soon! It is going to be amazing and incredible!

Also, have I mentioned I enjoy your kiddos so much? They are a blessing and I love learning and growing with them! That’s all for now folks! 


Monday, March 5, 2018

Some of the Same, Some of the NEW!

Welcome to Mrs. Lauren’s class blog!

The first half of this blog will be of my class and the second half will be of Ms. Emily’s.
I am so ecstatic that I am finally able to post about what we have been doing at preschool!
I have greatly enjoyed getting to know each of your kiddos. They are wonderful and have
such big hearts for learning!

In the beginning of this year, we read “Pete The Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons” and
“Pete The Cat: I Love My White Shoes.” We focused a lot on self-regulation, “calm yourself,
by yourself.” In each of these stories, Pete was able to calm himself by himself by singing his
favorite song instead of crying. We have been practicing this since day one and I have seen
changes in all the kiddos! We have learned about hot soup breaths (breathing in and out to
cool the pretend hot soup off). It really works! Ask them at home and I’m sure they will
remember. With these stories, we included some really fun activities: stepping in paint and
creating footprints and decorating our shoes with glitter and adding laces!

Currently, we are in the dinosaur era! We have been reading “Dinosaur Roar.” It has been
fun learning about opposites and roaring like dinosaurs! We have made T-Rex tails and
Triceratops hats. They have really enjoyed walking around the room with their tails and hats
pretending to be dinosaurs. We also played in a sensory tub with shaving cream, paint and
dinosaur toys. We learned that the opposite of dirty or slimy is clean. We played in the
“messy” tub (shaving cream and paint) and then washed the “slimy” dinosaur in the water
until he was the opposite, clean. They really enjoyed playing in the shaving cream and
transferring to the water to clean off!

All in all, they are having a blast and so am I! It is exciting to see them involved and
interested in all the activities we do. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your child’s
life. I love them all dearly!



Welcome to Ms. Emily's blog!

We have loved “Where the Wild Things Are” just so much, that we devoted an especially generous amount of time to this wonderful classic by Maurice Sendak! The last 2.5 weeks spent with Max and his dear friends, the Wild Things, have been so fun, thrilling and whimsical.  We continued to add our own personal details to our “Max inspired Crowns,” we have been sizing them to a perfect fit for each student. Many of you saw these, included in the binders your students have built over the course of the year. We have enjoyed getting our crowns out in the mornings, after reading “Where the Wild Things Are”, and making the most of a good class RUMPUS together. Truthfully, your sweet children have been making me smile so much lately. This happiness, has been by way of their spontaneous urge to gather together for a coordinated, wild-hearted RUMPUS recurrently over the course of the days and now weeks.

I hope you feel entirely proud, I will gladly verify that you have some utterly talented ‘Wild Things” in your families! We have Max to thank for encouraging us to revisit and focus on our feelings and emotions (last semester began with this topic via “The Way I Feel” by Janan Cain). Both of the aforementioned books explore a widespread collection of feelings and sentiments that I am grateful for the chance to explore, together in our class as we grow, learn and practice friendship at school.

Max has served us well as an excellent example to us, in the context of continual, diverse feelings that come up throughout our day to day, our experiences and inevitably our interactions. We spent time last week, observing, discussing/explaining and practicing the managing our own feelings (as well as Max’s, and those of the “Wild Things”). This conversation has been continually outlined and supported by our Spring Semester “Feeling Meters”! I have loved looking at the comparison of the Fall design vs. the new ones we have been making as a bit of a “rolling project.” The skill and development in fine motor practice, and your students increased ability to manage materials with their hands is so clear and evident. Our class’ ability to work for longer periods of time on the design and completion of work is SO CLEARLY illuminated in the differences between their early fall work and their current spring semester work.

We are winding down our RUMPUSING; we will however, carry on discussing  and building confidence with our feelings and self-regulation learning.  “Where the Wild Things Are” (Maurice Sendak) has served us so well. We had such a happy time a few weeks back, spreading the love and friendship on Valentines Day (which we always do, but we can’t pass up the chance to enjoy this holiday). I wanted to express how much I entirely enjoyed and appreciated the chance to sit down with you for conferences, both for the opportunity to share in stories as well as touch base and talk about the amazing growing and changing your children have done, are doing and will do in the coming months! Thank you for your time and energy.



Sunday, February 4, 2018

We're Back and We've Been Busy, Rumpus-ing!

I am feeling so thankful for so may things. One of those things has been the chance to be back in the classroom with your wonderful children. They bring so much joy and fullness to my work! The second, of which I want to share with you, is the sense of normalcy that has accompanied us getting back in the rhythm of school, and our normal classroom routines. I plan to remind myself and our students of this the next time we find ourselves a little too aware of the word monotony, we love our routine, out schedule, our friends and our chance to learn and grow together at school!

We spent last week working on we had planned on sending home as “Christmas ornaments”, with the last new months behaving in non-compliance with our Christmas plans we decided to work on them anyways! We will simply send them under the name “January ornaments” instead! Your toddlers deserve all the credit for their flexibility on that one!

This past week, we finally got to start “Where the Wild Things Are” by Maurice Sendak! If you come home with a “Wild Thing” or some Rumpus-ing, you will know why! We made some Max crowns, we rumpused, and it was a grand time! We will be continuing with this book into next week.

Again, glad to be back and healthy and thankful for your