Wednesday, June 6, 2018


Hello All! We are on our last week of school! Cab you believe it? I can't! 
You're wonderful children have grown so much and have done many, many activities throughout the year that you will soon see when they take their binders home. 

Also, they have been practicing hard for their end of the year performance! They can't wait for you to be there and watch them dance their heart out for you!

Last week (5/29-6/1) in the Toddler Center we read a book titled "Home" by Carson Ellis. This book is all about different homes people live in, such as log cabins, tall or short houses, yurts, tee-pees, castles, beehives, etc. We asked the students where their homes were located. Many of them said Santa Barbara or California. Others said big homes, small homes, etc. It was interesting to hear what they had to say!

We, then, throughout the week created homes! I printed out outlines of various different living spaces, both realistic and fantastic such as log cabins, shoe, ship, sea shell, beehive, etc. The students were able to select and artistically decorate their "home." We, then, asked them questions about their choice: Why did you choose this home? What's inside? What do you do in there? Does anyone live with you? Who?

After decorating their home, they decorated the setting/environment their home will be in: near a park, mountains, oceans, lakes, roads, etc. using dot paints, yarn, sand, glue, and tissue paper.

Overall, it was a fun-filled week of activities!

Ms. Lauren :)

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Journey and Quest

Welcome back from the long weekend! I hope everyone had either a restful or adventure filled (or both) weekend.

A few of you have noticed that Miss Tess has not been here and that's because MISS TESS GOT MARRIED ON SATURDAY! So with that being said she will come back next Wednesday June 6th.

This past week we read Journey and Quest. We practiced our storytelling by piecing together and creating the narrative of these wordless books. We also worked a lot on our self portraits, which, by the way, look AWESOME. It has been amazing watching each child draw and paint their second round of self portraits. There has been a tremendous amount of growth from their first portrait to their second.

One of our activities consisted of story stones. Each stone had a key element from the story drawn on it with permanent marker... we had the teachers draw the pictures so that each child would be able to identify what the object was on the stone and so that your child did not go home with Sharpie tattoos. Teachers worked with students in groups of 2-4 to arrange the stones in order of the plot line. This activity helped each child with their patterning, gave them the opportunity to narrative, and worked as a tool for pre-reading. We also drew a story path. The teachers drew a "path" on a long sheet of butcher paper, as well as, a few key plot points on either side of the path. Each class worked together to color in the key plot points and add any story elements they believed were vital to the story. When the path was complete, each student took a turn to walk down the "path" and retell the story as they remembered it. This activity allowed each child to grow in their pre-reading skills, narrative development, and collective story telling. We've also been practicing our killer dance moves for the End of the Year Performance! Thanks again for sharing your precious children with us! We love them so much.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

The Rainbow Fish

Hi wonderful families!

Last week (5/14-5/18) in the Toddler Center we read a book titled "The Rainbow Fish" by Marcus Pfister. It is about a rainbow fish who learns that being the most beautiful fish in the sea can be sad and lonely. Eventually he learns that there is more to attain when sharing his beautiful scales with the other fish. The story highlights the value of sharing and the joy that comes from giving. The children were able to understand the ways we can take care of each other by sharing our strengths.

Here are a few activities we did throughout the week to bring the story alive! 

We created a sponge ocean mural with hand print fish. We had the children sponge blue paint all across the paper as the base for the ocean scene. We, then, hand printed their hands and used them as the fish for the ocean mural. They had fun decorating and gluing their fish with different jewels for the scales.

Next, we decorated paper plate fish! The children used dot paints, crayons, and sequins/glitter to decorate. 

We even spent A LOT of time outside enjoying the beautiful weather! The kids LOVED it! 

Come back next week to find out what other fun things your AMAZING children are learning!

Ms. Lauren :)


Hello All! We are on our last week of school! Cab you believe it? I can't!  You're wonderful children have grown so much and have...