Friday, September 23, 2016

1, 2, 3, 4, here comes baby dinosaur

This week in our class, our dinosaur focused lesson plans proved to be a hit with your students. We continued to explore our Dinosaur stomping, munching, roaring, and squeaking with "Dinosaur Roar". This book has been a great illustration for us of opposites.

Some crazy dinosaurs stopped by earlier this week and had a great time stopping through some squishy paint and making some tracks through our classroom! it was CRAZY! We also had a chance to enjoy our sensory tub and some dinosaur tracks in kinetic sand

We have had some good practice making dinosaur sounds, as well as learning and practicing descriptive words while reading "Dinosaur Roar" the past two weeks. You might get some good sounds if you ask your children for the best dinosaur roar sound, or to show your their dinosaur strong! :)

We finally turned some of our wonderful artwork into a finished product and now have some sparkling, green, dinosaur tails to show for it! Thank you for your patience as we all find our feet during these early days of school.
Your children were all such heros during the truly harrowing picture day that we had this week, we did manage to get a class photo and some individual pictures as well. Miss Tess and I were thankful for their patience and flexibility on that hair raising day!

Don't forget about our Axxess card fundraiser, thank you for your participation and support! :) Happy Fall Friday!

Here are a few more snapshots from our fun DINO week...

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