Friday, September 9, 2016

It's FEELING like week 2!

Welcome back to the second week of Preschool here at Trinity Preschool! This week we kept on reading "The Way I Feel" by Janan Cain, which we paired with an art project all about understanding our big feelings. 


We have been making heart engines this week, in parallel with the reading we have been doing about our hearts and feelings.

We are looking forward to utilizing our creative and colorful heart engines, as a helpful tool to understand, process and explain the feelings and emotions that come and go. Our hope in through this lesson and activity has been to create a foundation for growth and maturation of emotional awareness, and care.

We welcomed Miss Tess back from her vacation this week, I am so thankful and excited that she and I get to spend out days together with your children. I know your little ones are just as excited as I am!

You wonderful and curious children continued to explore their new classroom and establish a routine as well as the expectations they can have for the time they spend at preschool. Miss Tess and I have been enjoying the conversations, songs and games we have already experienced emerging from them, and cannot wait for more!

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