Friday, September 2, 2016

Week 1, we did it!!

Congratulations to all of the friends, who were welcomed to Miss Emily's class for our first week of school as Trinity Twos! Our class spent this first week together, exploring our new classroom, playing with new toys and reading new books together. We all worked hard together on establishing, understanding, and learning about our routines, and what we can expect our days together at preschool to be like!

This week we focused on the book "The Way I Feel" by Jana Cain, in this book the author explores a number of distinct and important emotions. Images are created with colorful artwork to accompany feelings like sadness, happiness, anger, thankfulness and disappointment.

The Way I Feel" helped our class to consider our own collections of big feelings as we jumped into the preschool year! Next week I am looking forward to continue reading our book about feelings. We will also begin working on creating feeling/emotion gauges. These will be a fun art project that can also serve as a daily tool in our class to explain our feelings and grow in emotional intelligence. We are also looking forward to having Miss Tess back with us next week!

Here are just a few photos from our first week together. We would love for you to bring a family photo to school next week so that we can put it up on our wall in our classroom!

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