Friday, October 7, 2016

And we sang this song…

Welcome back to the blog this week! I am so excited to share with you, all about what we have been up to here at Trinity Preschool.

Last week we wrapped up our dinosaur unit, although we have kept them around, because we just love to ROAR! This week we started a new unit with our friend Pete, the cat. We have started this unit by reading a great book by Eric Litwin, with illustrations by James Dean called “Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons.” This story has so many useful takeaways and tools for us, as we continue to explore our emotions and learn about interacting with others.

Pete, the hero of our story, continually loses his favorite buttons from his shirt, until he is left with only his belly button! If you ask your children at home, “Did Pete cry?” you might get a “goodness no!” in response. This is a great book for learning tools of self-regulation and emotional processing. We also have been working on singing because Pete sings a fun rhythmic song every time he loses a button. What a great attitude Pete has!

We strung buttons this week, big and small. This was a fun fine motor activity that went along well with our story, we even water colored some pictures of our new feline friend, Pete.

This week we read our bible story about God’s friend Noah,  and the big ark he built for all of the animals and his family. It has been a joy to spend more time with story and bible as your children have continued to settle into their preschool days.

We took the singing that we were doing with Pete and ran with it, we spent a good amount of time singing and dancing together in the middle room. Some of our tunes included; “the Cha-Cha Slide”, “the Ants go Marching..”, “the Hokey Pokey” as well as some other fun tunes. Miss Tess and I have noticed that we have a number of very musically inclined friends in our class, we are looking forward to spending some good time focused on that this year.

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