Monday, October 24, 2016

Making Mischief of One Kind

Where are the wild things? Right here in Miss Emily and Miss Tess’ class! Our good friend Max has begun teaching us how to Rumpus this week, and what an adventure we have begun with him. As you may have gathered by now, this week we have been reading Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak. The ability of this book to captivate an audience of toddlers speaks to it’s deep and pointed qualities.

I have so enjoyed reading this book this week with your children, and opening up space in our safe little classroom for them to channel their inner wild things, and embrace the adventure of Max and his wild thing friends. I think the sense of exploration and adventure is so well illustrated through both text and images, for toddlers the dreams and fantastical journey of our friend Max can be a powerful example of imagination, adventure and dreaming. Later on in the book, we are brought into Max’ emotional learning moment, where he misses his mother and wants to be “where someone loves him best of all.” This evokes our sense of empathy and our need for comfort and safety, something that as we know, is important in our lives and the lives of children.

We spent some time this week designing and creating our very own Max crowns, I enjoyed taking time to work with each student on their crowns and experiencing the different ways they all turned out. On Friday I convinced some of the students to sport their crowns for a rumpus outside, of course not all were interested in being seen sporting a paper hat.

We will continue to adventure with Max this week, further into the place Where the Wild Things Are. What out for our wild RUMPUS! I hope you enjoy some photos from last week's adventures!

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