Tuesday, January 3, 2017

December Recap!

We have arrived at the second semester of our school year here, how time flies! Hoping you all had restful and festive holidays! It was so exciting this monday morning to come back and see you and your little ones, and it is always amazing to see how much they change and grow over a short few weeks!

 December was such an enjoyable month with your kiddos. We enjoyed reading about two happy owls and the Grinch. It was great fun for Miss Tess and I to spend some quality time with your children working on their individual Christmas ornaments as gifts for you and your families, which hopefully made their way safely home to you or your Christmas tree!

I'm sure like you, you spent some time humming and maybe even dancing to the songs from our lovely Christmas performance about the Grinch and Christmas. In the last few weeks of the fall semester, it became clear to me how much our class has grown and matured even in a few short months!

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