Friday, January 13, 2017

Engineering Inspiration

We are back this week with yet another inspiring book by Andrea Beaty! This week the character who we are getting to know is Rosie Revere, a young girl who dreams of being an engineer. With a few bumps along the way, we get to follow Rosie as she stumbles with some imperfect inventions in, search of the confidence she needs, to do what she loves! 

In the end, we learn that despite the flops and disappointments that come along, the best thing we and our friend Rosie can do is to keep trying! Rosie has been teaching us that when things do not go the way we hope, we get a chance to learn and grow. 

We took to creating our own special inventions, with a fun craft! All of your students got a chance to build their own biplane this week, we also got to make them our very own with watercolor paint. 

We loved the rain this week, some of us embraced the chance to wear our rain boots and splash a little in the puddles. In an effort to avoid cabin fever we went for a class walk after the rain this past week.

This past week we read about Jonah and the big fish, we learned about how God loves us so much and he wants us all to be his helpers. We talked about how when we make mistakes we can always talk to God and ask for his forgiveness! 

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