Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Self Portraits, Valentines and our Hearts

These past few weeks in Miss Emily’s class we circled back to visiting our expressions and feelings with two great books about our hearts, feelings and emotions. We read a book during this time called “In My Heart” by Jo Witek; which serves as a helpful expression with it’s language and images that create analogies and metaphors for the different feelings that our hearts and heads experience all the time!
This book is a part of shaping language and creating tools for your students to find good, healthy forms of expression. We have been working our self-portraits over the past few weeks as well, which paired well with our group time discussions about expressing ourselves well, our individual, unique faces and emotions. We also took advantage of our lessons about building emotional vocabulary to continue conversations and practice in that direction this week.

We revisited a book from early on in the year that you may remember, called “The Way I Feel” by Janan Cain. I love reading this book with your children and talking about the different feelings that we experience and how we use our faces to express them! The emotional awareness, learning and vocabulary that we are working towards mastering with the assistance of literature, craft, art and activities has shown itself so much in our student’s acquired willingness to calmly and safely verbally process and express their feelings with both their peers and us as their teachers! I hope you have experienced some of the same strides at home!

On February 14th this month, we exchanged valentines in our class! Thank you for working hard with your students to help them share their valentine love and efforts with their classmates and friends. We enjoyed celebrating that holiday together as a class.

Most recently, we have been reading the books “Journey” and “Quest” written and illustrated by Aaron Becker.

The two books are beautifully illustrated, and there are NO WORDS at all. They follow little boy and girl who both wander through magical and whimsical worlds using magic chalk to solve their challenges and create adventure.

We have been enjoying the conversation, creativity and imagination facilitated by these books. Our class has loved working together to tell the story together, and it’s DIFFERENT every time!

 As your children have been telling you, Miss Emily has a broken bone, it has been teaching us all something about patience. THAT BEING SAID, A BIG THANK YOU IS DUE TO MISS TESS FOR ALL OF HER HARD WORK! 

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