Friday, March 24, 2017

Stuck as Stuck Can Be!

This week in Miss Emily’s class, we read the book “Stuck” by Oliver Jeffers. This is a quirky and different style of book about throwing different “ideas” at our problems!
We join the protagonist Floyd, as he has found his kite STUCK in a big tree! Floyd attempts to resolve his problem by throwing more and more objects up into the tree… These items range from his shoes, to a house and even a big whale, with a number of different things in between.

We enjoyed talking about how Floyd chose to manage his problem and what we thought about his choices when it came to fixing his problem. Many of us thought there were some better ways that our friend Floyd could have gone about problem solving. Nonetheless, we thank Oliver Jeffers for his creative and fun story that allows us to venture into our own ideas and creative ability to work through challenges and problems.

We also took some time, along with reading this week’s book to draw and paint our very own “Stuck” tree as a class, and create our own different objects to “throw” or stick up in the tree!

Last week we loved getting to see the different ideas and cute costumes, outfits and PJ’s that came through the door! Thank you for helping your children to participate in that fun activity week.

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