Friday, April 14, 2017

Thank you Tree!

We read “The Giving Tree” by Shel Silverstein this week, which was an ideal book and lesson for us, leading up to Earth Day (April 22nd)! This book presented us with a chance to think about where so many of the good things like trees; grass, clean air and water come from. “The Giving Tree” linked well to our bible conversations, because we know that these wonderful parts of our environment come from God.
This week’s lesson and story teaches us about gratitude and thankfulness. The Tree in our story takes such good care of the little boy, over and over again. However, as the little boy grows and continues to take and take, he NEVER stops to thank the tree for always taking care of him-we talked about how it is important to be thankful for the things that we have, and the way that we are taken care of.

Another important lesson that Shel Silverstein’s book has to teach us is about care for our earth, and our environment. The trees and the earth give to us as people and we have to take care of the earth in response. God made a really special place for us to live and if we take care of it, and are thankful for it, it will last a long time and we can keep enjoying it.

You may have heard about our nature walk, we collected different pieces of nature to bring back to our class and turn into our very own tree. We also spent some time designing sticks and branches. Towards the end of the week our class painted with natural paint brushes, made from different leaves, plants and branches.

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