Friday, May 5, 2017

Home is...

This week in Miss Emily’s class, we spent our time at school, reading about HOME! More specifically, we read the book “Home” by Carson Ellis. This book is both beautifully illustrated and fanciful in the author’s depiction and presentation of a WIDE variety of homes.

This book gave our class a fun chance to imagine homes we might enjoy, it opened up conversation space in our classroom to talk about our own homes or “mommy and/or daddy as well as grandparents and others home’s.” Sharing descriptions of our homes, as well as comparison and contrast was a neat tool for our class to get to tell others about their homes and learn about one another’s as well.

We also enjoyed the parts of the book where Ellis takes the homes to a more whimsical, and curious place, with lairs, underwater homes, and hollow tree homes. The book’s elaborate images and brief, concise text open up space for student participation, input and imagination. We took to our own home canvases in selecting a home we would enjoy to decorate and color. Some students picked wigwams, ships and shoes, while others chose palaces or even buses.


We have made some recent changes and additions to our outside play space, including a very “crabby sandbox” and a corn hole game space. We have enjoyed spending time outside with our class as the weather has warmed up this week. We are excited to start practicing very soon for our end of the year performance, it’s coming up!

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  1. Very exciting to be in Miss Emily's class! No wonder Samuell is growing by leaps & bounds. Thank you for laying such a beautiful foundation for Sammy's life. God is using you to craft lives. The Lord bless you all richly. I'm grateful for all of you.



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