Friday, May 19, 2017

Journeying to Our Inner Storyteller

This week in Miss Emily’s class we challenged ourselves and worked together to find our inner storytellers with the help of the two books we read for the week. We focused on two books this week, “Journey” by Aaron Becker and “Quest” which is also by Becker!

These whimsical and captivating books are actually part of a series by Becker that… wait for this, has NO WORDS! They are visually compelling, with full pages of Becker’s lovely artwork and illustrations. This series is very special and these stories are one of my favorites to teach because of the unique space they create for learning and creating! “Journey” and “Quest” were so fun because your children were able to collaborate and connect their understanding of the images they saw and interpreted with those of their peers.

During our group time, building stories and telling them together, gave our class a chance to practice their own storytelling, imagination and communication skills. It was so gratifying to hear what they came up with for the different images and how they saw the stories play out, some days the translations were very similar and some days presented more diverse and varying renditions of the same images!

We practiced looking for finer details used by Becker in the elaborate illustrations that these stories utilize to narrate the events. The characters partake in wild adventures in far off lands that we can only dream of! Their magic chalk opens up new doors and is used to carry the plot of adventure, and crusading. By the end of the week, they were telling so much of the story, and I was able to take a backseat, which was so fun and reminded me how much they have grown this year!

We paired the readings with supported activities related to these books. We made the magic bird with glue, water color and salt, which was great fine motor art practice and cognition as it related to the character. We did fizzing chalk art during outside play, which connects the chalk from the story to a very fun sensory activity. Our class created and colored a story path which had representations along it of key parts of the stories. Main characters, important settings, and main events were represented in chronology as they occurred in the reading. Overall it was such a fun and full week in Miss Emily’s class. Thanks for reading, see you next week!

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