Friday, May 12, 2017

Sensing Our Way Along

This week in Miss Emily’s class we read “Seven Blind Mice” by Ed Young, our lessons focused on using our different senses to learn about the world. We practiced touch, smell, listening and talked about the other senses that we have. Our class learned about using these senses to decide what different objects are and decide how they work and what we notice about them.
The book we read is about a troop of mice who all work together to figure out what a big object might be. They all take turns observing only a part of the big object and missing out on some of the info. It finally takes the last mouse spending more time and observing the WHOLE object, to finally figure out that it is an ELEPHANT! We practiced learning what to call the five sense: 1sight, 2 smell, 3 hearing, 4 taste, and 5 as touch! We also spent time talking about the different things we can smell, the things we can see, and what we hear. We can learn so much about the world by practicing observing in all of these very different ways!

This week’s story and lessons gave us a fun opportunity to practice sorting and understanding more about what we can learn through smelling, touching, tasting and seeing. We did a variety of description activities with different smelling, tasting and touching materials. Many of your kiddos already have a good idea about coffee and laundry soap based on how well they sorted and described these objects from touch and smell. It was a great week of practicing these important skills, it is always a joy to see the students acquiring new tools for talking about the different materials and objects they encounter every day.


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