Tuesday, June 6, 2017

With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibilty [Spiderman]

Here it is! Here it is! I did not forget to tell you what your “not so tiny anymore” kiddos were up to last week! We read the book Extra Yarn, by Mac Barnett, illustrations by Jon Klassen, which Tess and I loved right alongside them! The magic of this book’s tone is built around an enchanting but outwardly simple, tiny, charcoal box of never-ending, yes never-ever-ending yarn! Which, I’m sure you can imagine, was a charming and whimsical experience with our class of dreamers!

Annabelle, our earnest protagonist, begins with a simple sweater, and then another, and another! Her special yarn box keeps giving and giving her more yarn! Soon, thanks to her dedicated and generous attitude the charcoal colored town is full of her classmates, teachers, neighbors and even furry friends delighting in the bright and beautiful sweaters. We got to talk about how Annabelle was such wonderful person to have such a special gift. She was so kind and thoughtful with the special gift magical yarn box- what a good example she is for us in how we use our gifts and treat others! To quote Spiderman, this books is a great lesson that; “With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility!”

            The activities of this week were so unique and fun- we painted individual pieces with yarn, and we practiced our fine motor skills with a great yarn sewing activity. This week I have been thinking about who your amazing children were when they hesitantly and skeptically walked through the door to my class and how fortunate we have been to get to walk alongside your family in this year of preschool for them! What amazing people they are, I can’t wait to see more of them! Thank you for the opportunity to be in their lives, we are so thankful.


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