Sunday, September 17, 2017

Pete, Pictures and Portraits!

In our toddler classes we decided to spend yet another week with our dear friend Pete the Cat! He never fails to teach us about processing and managing our feelings, frustrations and disappointments. Our class read “Pete the Cat and his 4 Groovy Buttons” by Eric Litwin. With the unfortunate loss of not only one but ALL 4 of his multicolored groovy buttons—Pete teaches us the value of both finding a skilled seamstress, but more importantly; students are able to utilize and practice the songs Pete sings as well as the phrases he uses. I love this book paired with Eric Litwin’s other story about Pete (which we read the previous week) because it can be an important tool for building the foundation of emotional processing and the practice of self-regulation.

In addition to our normal routine, which includes our story curriculum, bible, outside play and the activities we build around this schedule, we had a few other interesting and fun things added into our week.

Your children absolutely rocked their picture day, both the group photos, individual and sibling pictures! Sometimes the shuffle of the day that accompanies something like picture day can be a bit stressful for everyone and sometimes challenging emotional for students at this age, we had a great time and they did a great job! They all looked wonderful too, I got a little sneak peek at a few and I am thinking you will be so excited to see those! We began working on our self portraits, which are one of my favorite projects, these take a bit of  time so won’t be ready just yet but they always seem to turn out so special and the students are often very pleased and proud to show you their hard work. I apologize that I wasn’t able to get the blog up on Friday but I hope it is a welcome start to your week!


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