Monday, September 25, 2017

Work hard and Play Well

I titled this blog Work hard and Play Well because I saw your children do both of those things so well last week! So, first things first, it was so enjoyable to have so many families at Back to School Night last Friday! I enjoyed the unique chance to act as an observer in my (and your students) classroom space, as they interacted with parents, some grandparents, and siblings. They were so all clearly; so very thrilled to have you there to see where they spend their time. 

            I noticed students showing, sharing and playing with their favorite toys; they seemed to do a good job of interacting with their friends and generally roam the classroom with the confidence that many of them have been working very hard at during these first few weeks. I particularly enjoyed watching students as well as their present family interact with the self-portraits; they had previously been disappointed during the week that art they had work is not being sent home yet.  Observing how delighted and pleased students were to share their hard work with you was very rewarding for me, and I believe gratifying for them.
            Last week we had a great time reading “Ellie” about a painting elephant, who discoverers that special talent and makes a huge difference for herself and her friends, we also read Gerald the Giraffe about a clumsy giraffe who finds his own special song to dance to. Both of the books we chose to read together last week tied in well with the self-portraits that your children worked so hard on! 
            We also spent some time experimenting with shaving cream mixed with different colors of watercolor paint. This was an interesting sensory activity that the class enjoyed so much so, it took all my powers of persuasion to get them interested in washing it off of their hands for snack! Last week was truly fun, successful and joyful; we took on the challenge of self-portraits, and managed to also stay silly, and exploratory in our learning.


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