Sunday, February 4, 2018

We're Back and We've Been Busy, Rumpus-ing!

I am feeling so thankful for so may things. One of those things has been the chance to be back in the classroom with your wonderful children. They bring so much joy and fullness to my work! The second, of which I want to share with you, is the sense of normalcy that has accompanied us getting back in the rhythm of school, and our normal classroom routines. I plan to remind myself and our students of this the next time we find ourselves a little too aware of the word monotony, we love our routine, out schedule, our friends and our chance to learn and grow together at school!

We spent last week working on we had planned on sending home as “Christmas ornaments”, with the last new months behaving in non-compliance with our Christmas plans we decided to work on them anyways! We will simply send them under the name “January ornaments” instead! Your toddlers deserve all the credit for their flexibility on that one!

This past week, we finally got to start “Where the Wild Things Are” by Maurice Sendak! If you come home with a “Wild Thing” or some Rumpus-ing, you will know why! We made some Max crowns, we rumpused, and it was a grand time! We will be continuing with this book into next week.

Again, glad to be back and healthy and thankful for your 

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