Friday, May 4, 2018

The Dot

Hello families and friends!

This week in the toddler center we read two different books: “Press Here,” by Herve Tulle, and “The Dot,” by Peter H. Reynolds.

"The Dot" is a book about a little girl named Vashti who feels discouraged because she thinks she can’t draw. She haphazardly jabs a dot onto a piece of paper, then comes back to school to find that her teacher has framed it and hung it on the wall. She is encouraged and resolves to practice and make more art, each piece more elaborate than the last. This story allowed us to open up a conversation with the children about how we should be proud of the things we have worked hard to create. It also provided us with the narrative of how it’s important to not give up on something if at first we think we can’t do it. To practice taking pride in our art, we made a point to sign our names on all the art we made this week (which means the teachers acted as scribes and wrote whatever the children asked us to at the bottom of their masterpieces). :D

“Press Here” is a fun, interactive book that really captivated the students. This playful book allowed us to explore the concept of abstract art and really just gave us an excuse to play with all things circular! We made our own dots out of paper plates and coffee filters and decorated them with paint, glue and glitter. 

In the Monkey and Elephant classes, Miss Kelsey and Miss Lauren gave the kids colored pom pom's and worksheets from the book "Press Here." The children practiced matching and gluing the correct pom pom's to their matching colors on the worksheet. Pinching the pom pom's and squeezing the glue bottles gave the children great fine motor practice, and matching the pom pom's to the dots introduced some good pattern and matching practice!


In the Giraffe Class, we went on a scavenger hunt for circle shaped things in our classroom, then dipped them in paint and stamped them onto a big piece of butcher paper. The kids loved combing through all of the toys in our classroom and turning them over to discover what objects would make a circle when used as a stamp! Teddy had the best idea when he carried over the large, circular tree stump cushion from our cozy corner. It was much bigger than the other objects, so the kids all got in a line and took turns painting the bottom of the tree stump. When they were done they all lifted it together and stamped it onto the paper. They were beyond excited that we were allowing them to put paint all over a piece of furniture! What a thrill.

All three classes- the Monkey's, Giraffes, and Elephants- spent a good amount of time this week on a special surprise gift for Mother's Day next weekend. They are so excited to celebrate their amazing moms! 

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