Monday, May 14, 2018


This week we read Stuck, by Oliver Jeffers. Stuck is essentially a tale of trying to solve a problem by throwing things at it, which, I am sure, is completely logical for some toddlers. Our main objective of this week was to practice using our skills of deduction and creative thinking to solve the problem in the book. Our first project consisted of collecting toys from the classroom that were similar to the ones seen in the story. After we collected an obscene amount of toys, we gave each child a lump of play dough so that they could stick the play dough on to the various objects they chose. Play dough sticking allows each child to participate in the story, which forms a cognitive association, as well as a sensory experience. We also worked on individual kites. Each child was given the opportunity to decorate their own construction paper kite by using various mediums such as pastel, chalk, paint, glitter, etc. Our last project for the week consisted of collaborative art, recreation of articles from the story, practice of fine motor skills, and creativity. The wonderful Miss Mindy drew the outline of a tree, which the children colored in. We also had the children color in the printed outlines of some of the objects that were thrown at the tree in the story. The teachers mounted the colored tree on the wall and had the children “stick” the colored objects on the tree using tape. OH and how could I possibly forget!! We also spent a lot of our time working on your lovely, accurate Mother’s Day portraits. We are SO incredibly thankful for all you Mommas out there. You all are SO loved and SO necessary! What you all do does not go unnoticed and your kiddos, and teachers, appreciate YOU. And Dads, we are just as thankful for you. Many of the children would finish drawing their interpretation of “Mommy” and would say, “Okay, now I draw one for Daddy.” They found it an injustice to only draw Mommy and not Daddy. I hope you had a wonderful weekend and Mother’s Day! Until next time. 

Now here a bunch of photos of your amazing children!

We also found a tiny mouse in the Elephant classroom… Don’t worry, we took a picture so you don’t feel like you missed out. #FOMO

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